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An innovative and

Panama Pacifico is the largest mixed development in Latin America that connects people, businesses, and nature in a sustainable environment with multiple economic benefits thanks to its strategic location.

The most impressive Master Plan in Latin America

Developed by London & Regional Panama since 2007

planned to
+$879 million dollars

land 2,200 Acres

future focused 40 years Master Plan

A dynamic Community

Discover something new every day and be part of a dynamic and vibrant community.

Residential projects, 5 international schools, over 365 companies, an international airport, and more than 600 green acres.

Dare to live the experience

Explore our vibrant community

Grow with your business

More than 365 national and international companies have chosen Panama Pacifico.

Panamá Pacifico Panamá Pacifico

Get to know our commercial area

Special economic area
Connection and access to other Latin American Countries
Political Stability
Accessible community

benefits of Law 41 of 2004

With a specific regime for the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, as well as an Autonomous State Entity (AEE Agency), discover the incentives for you. There is large foreign investment thanks to a legal, customs, labor, and migratory scheme designed to benefit special activities.

Get to know an innovative commercial area

Incentivized activities

Venues and services Headquarters
and services
Film industry Film
Logistics and distribution Logistics and
High-Tech manufacturing High-Tech
Maritime & aviation sector Maritine and
aviation sector

17 government offices on site offer an integrated system for processing and managing your operation permits, saving you time and money.

  • 17 government offices
  • All in one place
  • Exclusive service for companies
  • Customs 24/7
  • Fast processing
  • On-site immigration officers
Municipal Regime

Tax exemption for manufacturing, import, export, logistics, and telecommunications activities

interesting facts

Look at the success stories of these innovative projects that decided to develop their economic activities in Panama Pacifico. Learn how it has impacted the growth and development of these companies.

"16 years ago, Dell was one of the pioneers of the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, becoming a regional center for Dell in Latin America. Panama Pacifico offers an incomparable location, infrastructure and legal benefits that help us provide the best service to our clients"

As a multinational company operating a shared service center it does not move its cargo through Panama. Rather, it manages its entire regional supply chain, taking advantage of the geographical advantages and communication that Panama offers.