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Discover something new every day
in your community in Panama Pacifico.

The space you need to free your potential is in Panama Pacifico.

Discover more than 600 acres of green areas, trails, bike paths, sport areas, shops, hiking tracks, 5 schools, and an international airport.

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Areas and services for you

Panamá Pacifico | Green areas

Green areas

Panamá Pacifico | Services


Panamá Pacifico | Growth


Trails and paths

Panamá Pacifico | Colleges

Ample spaces to discover unique and incredible places.

Recreational Areas

Panamá Pacifico | Training Centers

Safe places designed for the whole family, friends, and pets.

Bike paths

Panamá Pacifico | Training Centers

Be it for pleasure, transportation, or exercise, cycle through 8 kilometers of bike paths that connect the complete project.

Sports Park

Panamá Pacifico | Training Centers

For a healthy lifestyle, enjoy our sports center equipped with football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.

Green Areas

600 acres of protected land await to incorporate you to a natural environment.


Panamá Pacifico | Colleges

5 international schools to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

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Panamá Pacifico | Ventures

An area of opportunities with over 365 national and multinational companies.

Training Centers

Panamá Pacifico | Training Centers

It is always the right moment to learn something new.


Discover growth and development opportunities for the whole family.


Panamá Pacifico | Shops

Your meeting place will be at Cëntrigo, which will have various shops for all preferences.


Panamá Pacifico | Supermarkets

A complete and affordable supermarket is located a few steps away from you.

Ambulance service

Panamá Pacifico | Ambulance service

We have emergency transportation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Panamá Pacifico | Multiple forms of transportation

Connect to any point of Panama Pacifico thanks to its sustainable mobility program, the internal route.

Comprehensive Security Center

Panamá Pacifico | Comprehensive Security Center

Pioneering center in the region, with high-quality monitoring and services that guarantee safety 24 hours a day.


Panamá Pacifico | Wildlife guard assistance

Assistance to the safety of wildlife reinforces our commitment to its preservation and sustainability.


Essential services are provided so there is no need to leave Panama Pacifico.

Connection between key points of
Panama Pacifico and the City

Exclusive transport routes for collaborators

Albrook – Panama Pacifico West Panama – Panama Pacifico Tocumen – Panama Pacifico

Transportation routes for residents and collaborators

Internal routes

conecta Panama Pacifico

CONECTA Panama Pacifico it shows you this new tool, which you can register and manage the attention of your residential guarantees in an agile and simple way.

phase 1

report registration

Panamá Pacifico | Registration and management of guarantees

phase 2

report management

Panamá Pacifico | Registration and management of guarantees


3M's General Manager recommends Panama Pacifico to other entrepreneurs "for the infrastructure and the willingness of both the government and the developer to solve any existing gaps; you have training plans for your employees to further develop their talent, tax, labor benefits and much more"

Israel Meza
General Manager

One of the corporate values that Quest Software has is basically teamwork, which is part of the advisory we received with Panama Pacifico while choosing the location, this area is very strategic because it is considered to be located halfway, both from the east and west of the city. Since May 2018, when we decided to move our operations, we have felt the change even in the mood of all our workers, if I could describe the place where we work in two terms it would be safety and harmony with nature.

Magaly Regalado
Regional Human Resources Leader
Quest Panama