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Commercial and Logistical Solutions to
make your business grow

An international logistics and business center with a wide array of companies and industries.
Each day, economic growth is promoted, attracting foreign investment and generating employment in Panama.

Special Economic Area Regime

Take advantage of the fiscal incentives, import tax exemption, and migratory solutions to maximize your company’s potential.

Municipal Regime

You will benefit from tax exemption for manufacturing, importing, exporting, logistics, and telecommunication activities

Incentivized Activities

Learn about the activities that bring logistical advantages to investors and companies that operate within the zone.

Panamá Pacifico | High-Tech Manufacturing

High Technology Manufacturing

Panamá Pacifico | Logistics

Logistics - Logistical Services

Panamá Pacifico | Logistics

Logistics - Imports/Reexports

Panamá Pacifico | Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry

Multinational Headquarters of the Film and Audiovisual Industries

Panamá Pacifico | Services


Panamá Pacifico | Office administration


Panamá Pacifico | Maritime and Aviation

Maritime and

Begin operations in 5 steps

Depending on your company’s line of business and your stakeholders, discover our solutions to ensure your economic growth.


Advisory services

The commercial advisors at Panama Pacifico are ready to guide you.

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Book a commercial space

The negotiation process begins a "Letter of Intent". During this step, we define the areas, office spaces, and/or warehouses that you will use. This is where the declarations of intent and commercial conditions are established.

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Verification and Registration

Upon validating your company, we will help you register with the Panama Pacifico Agency so you can start your economic activities.

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A contractual agreement is signed contact us


Once your unit is handed over, you will have an account executive at your disposal who will handle all your requests during your stay in Panama Pacifico. Additionally, the executive will guide you through the process of making the necessary improvements to the unit, if applicable.

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Our team of advisors

Commercial Area

Panamá Pacifico | Jaime Brid


Panamá Pacifico | Remington Taliaferro


Remington Taliaferro

Graduated in International Relations with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, he specializes in administration, finance, sales and consulting. Industrial sector administrator and commercial advisor with 11 years of experience in real estate.

“I guide my clients in establishing their companies in Panama, in a comprehensive, efficient and effective way. I stay at the forefront with knowledge about businesses in sectors such as logistics, distribution, multinational company headquarters, manufacturing, maritime and aviation sectors, among others with great impact on the global market”.

Jaime Brid

  • Professional with studies in Business Administration, specializing in property sales and management, certified Real Estate agent
  • Real estate agent with experience of more than 14 years in the sector with a long history of successful sales, even in unfavorable market circumstances.
  • Vast knowledge and experience with the real estate sector throughout the region. He specializes in corporate services and the logistics/industrial market.
  • Possesses a great vocation for customer service and teamwork, is results-oriented, responsible and disciplined as a professional.

available spaces

Meet the needs of your business and get the best out of operating here.







International Business Park

58 acres Corporate Park
350,000 m² office and business space

with the latest technology and the best distribution

Flexibility for development of special activities

Tax, labor, and immigration benefits

Business community that fosters collaboration

PanAmerica Corporate Center

90 hectare logistics park with
up to 20,000 m² space for state-of-the-art warehouses

Multimodal connectivity and unparalleled infrastructure

Flexibility for the development of the logistics cluster

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Retail Spaces within the community

30 m² spaces, ideal for restaurants and other businesses

Strategic location

Building with retail spaces and spectacular views from the terrace


Comprehensive Security

Get to know your next space from wherever you are!

Discover the details behind each office space and warehouse with a virtual tour.

Benefits of doing business from Panama Pacifico

Class A services and Infrastructure

Flexibility to grow

Innovative and collaborative campus

Security 24/7

Skilled workforce and on-site training

Tax, labor, and immigration benefits protected by law

Nationalized and non-nationalized merchandise in the same warehouse

Do you have questions about the regimes, incentivized activities, or commercial spaces?

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Summary Law 41

    Brochure Law 41

      Multimodal Connectivity Map

      Multimodal Connectivity Map
      Panamá Pacifico | One-stop System

      One-stop System

      Integrated System of Procedures for processing permits relevant to the operations of the companies. 17 government offices on site, saving your business time and money.

      • +17 government offices
      • All in one place
      • Exclusive service for companies
      • Customs 24/7
      • Fast processing
      • On-site Immigration service

      Migratory Regime

      • Special visas for workers

        Special visas for workers of the area and for investors who invest no less than B /. 250,000.00 in venture capital of the companies.

      • Workers: Right to permanent stay

        Workers within the 10%: Grants the right to permanent stay in Panama and to an ID card after 2 years.

      • Workers: Right to permanent stay

        Workers within 15%: Grants the right to permanent stay in Panama and to an ID card after 2 years.

      • Workers: Visa for up to 3 years

        Workers above 15%: Visa for up to 3 years.

      • Investors: Right to permanent permanence

        Investors: Right to permanent residence and ID card after 2 years.

      • Extensive visas

        Extensive visas to minor children and children up to 25 years of age who are unmarried and dependent on the beneficiary and to parents over 62 years of age.

      • Import household items

        Recipients of technician or specialist visas and investor visas can import household items up to B/. 100,000.00.

      Panamá Pacifico | Customs Regime

      Customs Regime

      • Automated merchandise movement control system, based on inventory audits and not physical controls.
      • There are no limitations on the importation of goods subject to a license and/or tariff quota, as long as they do not enter the national fiscal territory.
      • All goods that have been introduced into APP and, from there, sold within the national fiscal territory will be subject to the payment of import tax and personal property and services transfer tax (ITBMS).
      • To introduce (sell or transfer), into the fiscal territory, products manufactured or assembled in the area, customs duties or taxes will be paid, only on the value of raw materials and foreign components incorporated in the product, based on the respective tariff for each raw material or component incorporated in the final product. The importer must submit to the customs authority the material-product ratio sheet, previously verified by Customs. For the calculation of import duties, the following will be excluded:
        • The value of foreign materials or goods that have been incorporated into the finished product, which can be imported tax-free by virtue of international treaties or agreements;
        • The value of national or nationalized components used for manufacturing, processing or assembly purposes;
        • The national added value incorporated into the finished product during its manufacturing, processing or assembly process in Panama Pacifico.
        • For products finished, built, assembled or manufactured in Panama Pacifico that are free of tariffs, taxes and import duties by virtue of international agreements, the importation of said products built, assembled or manufactured in Panama Pacifico into the national territory or to any zone or area within the country, will not be subject to tax, import tariff or duty.
      • Possibility of temporarily transferring raw materials and semi-finished products outside the area to subject them to manufacturing, assembly, processing or treatment processes. Their entry into the national fiscal territory does not generate import tax or levy for up to 6 months, extendable for the same period, at the request of the party. If the re-entry is not registered in its original condition or transformed into a finished product or with the added value resulting from its exiting, the applicable import taxes will be paid, without prejudice to the applicable sanctions. This mechanism is governed by the merchandise dispatch system with guaranteed payment, through a simplified entry and exit registration system.
      Panamá Pacifico | Labor Regime

      Labor Regime

      The Labor Code (LC) is to be enforced, except for matters under special regulations for the area, which are:

      • 25% fixed surcharge for overtime, subject to limitations of the Labor Code (LC) regarding the amount of overtime.
      • Employment contracts must be in writing.
      • Mixed shift and night shift work which are paid for hours worked.
      • Possibility of agreeing on rotating shifts setting a maximum of days and weekly hours of work under this modality, with prior notice from the employer of at least 48 hours and without exceeding the limits established in the LC. Possibility of operating on Sundays and agreeing on the weekly rest day being on a day other than Sunday.
      • Possibility of negotiating how to use vacation time under a collective agreement.
      • Possibility of agreeing, under a collective agreement, the productivity regulation, in which case the approval of MITRADEL will not be needed to use it as grounds for dismissal due to poor performance.
      • The decrease in sales, demand for services due to fluctuations in the markets served by the company, will be considered a justified reason for dismissal.
      • In the event of dismissal due to economic causes, the labor authority will have 15 days to issue a statement. In the absence of a statement, the dismissal shall be considered well-founded.
      • Foreign personnel can be hired up to 10% the amount of ordinary workers and technically or administratively specialized personnel up to 15%.
      • With a permit from MITRADEL, the 15% can be exceeded for specialists or technicians hired for training purposes due to lack of qualified labor.
      • No percentage is applied to companies dedicated to offshore services.
      • No percentage is applied to companies with less than 10 workers.
      • The parties may jointly prepare the Company Work Regulations, in which case these will be adopted by minutes and are understood to be in force without further processing, and will be subsequently reviewed by MITRADEL for ratification or rejection.
      Panamá Pacifico | Substance requirements

      Substance requirements

      For income tax purposes, in each fiscal period, the tax incentive will be applicable provided that:

      1. There has been an adequate number of qualified full-time workers, dedicated to the main activity or activities generating the revenue invoiced in Panama.
      2. An adequate amount of operational expenses has been incurred in Panama, directly related to these main activities.

      Within the 6 months following the closing of the fiscal period, a sworn income statement must be submitted containing:

      1. Information on the activities which generated the income earned during the previous fiscal period, stating which of these were the main activities carried out to generate said income, and of these activities, which were carried out in Panama and which were carried out abroad.
      2. The total operating expenses incurred in order to carry out the activities performed to generate income, and for said expenses, state which were directly related to the main income-generating activities and which of them were incurred in Panama.
      3. The number of workers at the service of the Company during the previous fiscal period and, of these workers, the identity, position or role and professional title of the workers in charge of executing the main activities which generated the revenue earned.
      4. Must accompany the income statement with the audited financial statements.

      Substance requirements apply:

      • As of July 1, 2021 for companies established before 10/17/17.
      • As of January 1, 2019 for companies established after 10/17/17.

      *Applies only for certain incentivized activities.

      Panamá Pacifico | Legal Stability

      Legal Stability

      Guarantee of not being affected by legal changes during the 10 years following registration as a company in the area.

      Panamá Pacifico | Municipal Regime

      Municipal Regime

      Tax exemption for manufacturing, import, export, logistics and telecommunications activities.

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        High-tech manufacturing


        • High-tech product manufacturing.
        • High-tech processing, manufacturing and assembly activities.
        • Building of products, components and parts whose manufacturing process involves high technology.

        Tax incentive

        • Exemption from taxes on earnings (income, dividend and complementary tax, taxes on remittances or transfers abroad).

        Logistic Services

        Tax incentives

        • Exempt from income tax (subject to substance*) and tax on remittances or transfers abroad withheld from payments of commissions, royalties, payments for technical assistance services or for any other activity.
        • Companies established from 2017 are subject to dividend tax on profits to their shareholders (at 5%) and to complementary tax; in case they do not distribute dividends or the total amount distributed is less than 20% of the net profit for the fiscal period, ten percent (10%) of the difference must be covered.

        Import / Reexport


        • Goods import, export and re-export activities, as well as transactions related to foreign sales of merchandise not manufactured in Panama Pacifico:

        Tax incentives

        • Exempt from income taxes and tax on remittances or transfers abroad withheld from payments of commissions, royalties, payments for technical assistance services or for any other activity.
        • Companies established from 2017 are subject to dividend tax on profits to their shareholders (at 5%) and to complementary tax; in case no dividends are distributed, or that the total amount distributed is less than 20% of the net profit for the fiscal period, ten percent (10%) of the difference must be covered.

        Multinational Headquarters and Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry


        • Companies with a license for Multinational Company Headquarters * (substance requirements) and for Film and Audiovisual Industry will be governed by the special regulations contained in the laws applicable to such activities.



        • Call Center/BPO: Call center *.
        • Software Development/ITO: Research and development of digital resources and applications for use in networks *.
          In the case of income derived from the transfer or exploitation of intangible assets protected by copyright, the tax incentive is conditioned to the compliance with Law 69 of 2018.
        • Data Center/DPC: Collection, processing, storage, switching, transmission and retransmission of data and digital information *.
        • Radio, television, audio, video and/or data signal links. *

        Tax incentive

        • Exemption from income taxes (income, dividend and complementary tax, taxes on remittances or transfers abroad).

        *Subject to substance requirements.

        Office Management


        Shared and/or office administration services which include, without limitation: direction, management and/or support for operations; strategic planning services, business development; personnel management and/or training; operations and/or logistics control; technical assistance; technical, logistical and market support; support for goods or services advertising; consulting and advisory services; research and development for products and services; financial management or administration, treasury, accounting; electronic activity processing, including the consolidation of operations, network operations and data processing; technical services, including support and assistance to third parties who have acquired products or services provided by the client of the Company providing the service.

        Requirements for office administration

        • Being part of a business group with assets of no less than US $ 200,000,000.00 or
        • Provide services to at least 7 subsidiaries or associated companies.

        Tax incentives

        • Exempt from dividend tax, complementary tax and tax on remittances or transfers abroad withheld from payments of commissions, royalties, payments for technical assistance services or for any other activity.
        • Subject to income tax at 5% on taxable net income (subject to substance requirement*)
        • The use, as income tax credit, of the amount paid in this or a similar category abroad, as well as the amounts withheld by taxpayers from Panama for income tax. In any event, a minimum of 2% of the taxable net income will be paid.
        • Companies established in Panama that receive services from PP Companies dedicated to these activities, must retain 5% for income tax on the respective billing, provided that the services offered affect the generation of income from Panamanian source or its conservation and that its value is considered a deductible expense by the recipient.

        *Transitional treatment of the income tax and personal property and services transfer tax applies for office administration companies established before Law 66 of 2018.

        SHARED SERVICES / KPO Multinational Company Headquarters

        Companies with a license for Multinational Company Headquarters* (substance requirements) and for Film and Audiovisual Industry will be governed by the special regulations contained in the laws applicable to said activities.

        Maritime and Aviation


        • Sale of merchandise or provision of services to visitors, passengers or crew in transit.
        • Sales and provision of services to ships that cross the Panama Canal with destination abroad or that navigate between authorized ports within the country and ports abroad.
        • Sales and provision of services to aircraft that use ports authorized in Panama with destination abroad, unless the sale is made by the manufacturers themselves or a company in their economic group.
        • Aviation and airport related services including: cargo transportation, handling and storage; maintenance, repair, conversion and reconversion of aircraft; the distribution, maintenance, conversion, reconversion and manufacture of aircraft parts and/or components.

        Tax incentive

        • Exemption from taxes on earnings (income, dividend and complementary tax, tax on remittances or transfers abroad).


        KYC Due Diligence


        • Public Registry Certificate
        • Certificate of incorporation
        • Identification of the officers of the corporation
        • "Know Your Customer" (KYC) form signed by each of the corporation's officers
        • Stock certificate
        • Bank reference letter

        Financial analysis


        • 2 latest financial statements to calculate the security deposit.
        Panama Pacifico AEE - Logo



        • Submission of documents
        • Interview
        • Review by the Committee
        • Review with the client
        • Submission of the Resolution


        • Copy of the articles of incorporation and reforms (legal persons), copy of the ID card or passport (natural persons).
        • Certification from the Public Registry, dated no more than sixty days from its issuance.
        • Copy of ID card or passport of the officers and attorneys-in-fact of the requesting legal person.
        • Completed sworn statement form.
        • Completed Due Diligence form with the company and officers' information.
        • Copy of the contract for the space to be occupied in the Panama Pacifico special economic area (the process can be initiated with the Signed LOI).
        • Multinational company headquarters license (MCH) or proof of national film industry registry. (If applicable)
        • In case of being a company that provides office administration services, review numeral 9 of article 22 of the regulations.
        • Bank references of the company and final beneficiary
        • Forecasts for future investments
        • Certification from the Environmental Agency (Mi Ambiente), on whether or not it requires an environmental impact study.
        • Certificate of authorized use in the space to be occupied by the Master Developer (issued by London & Regional Panama)
        • Payment of $2,500 for registration by check, ACH or cash.
        Verification - APP

        Live the experience