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International Business Park
The best connectivity in LATAM


  • Corporate park with 350,000m2 of space for offices and shops.
  • Strategic location to attract qualified talent.
  • On-site development that facilitates the recruitment, training and retention that your company needs.
  • National infrastructure unparalleled in Central America:
    • Tocumen International Airport with more than 83 direct flights to international destinations.
    • High-speed bandwidth through 8 submarine fiber optic cables.
      • Reduce your connection times and expenses.
      • Freedom to choose between 7 telecommunications providers.
  • Designed for interaction between a corporate space and the warmth of nature, all in the same place.
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    Panamá Pacifico | IBP

    The International Business Park is a 58-hectare project, which will have 350,000 m2 of office space to lease with the highest standards.

    Panamá Pacifico | Cluster

    Flexibility for the development of the technology cluster: innovation projects and development of disruptive technologies.

    Panamá Pacifico | Infraestrutura

    Ideal infrastructure for multinational, regional and local companies; back office; call center; collection, processing, storage, switching, transmission, and retransmission of data and digital information; radio, television, audio, video and/or data signal links; research and development of digital resources and applications for use on internet and intranet networks.


    One of the corporate values that Quest Software has is basically teamwork, which is part of the advisory we received with Panama Pacifico while choosing the location, this area is very strategic because it is considered to be located halfway, both from the east and west of the city. Since May 2018, when we decided to move our operations, we have felt the change even in the mood of all our workers, if I could describe the place where we work in two terms it would be safety and harmony with nature.

    Magaly Regalado

    Regional Human Resources Leader

    Quest Panama

    Panamá Pacifico | Class A

    Class A infrastructure
    and services

    Panamá Pacifico | Flexibility

    to grow

    Panamá Pacifico | Campus

    Innovative and
    collaborative campus

    Panamá Pacifico | Fiscal, labor and immigration benefits

    Fiscal, labor and
    immigration benefits
    protected by law

    Panamá Pacifico | Connectivity

    The best
    in LATAM

    Panamá Pacifico | Qualified talent

    Qualified talent
    and training
    on site

    office hours

    Commercial Area: Monday to Friday 9am a 5pm.


    [email protected]
    Phone Number (507) 316-3500
    (877) 519-26696 from US/CAN
    To schedule a tour or urgent appointments, contact:
    Comercial: (507) 6453-9549
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    innovation and flexibility to grow

    Offices - Site Plans
    Offices - Amenities


    • Parks, trails and recreational spaces
    • Bicycle path
    • Comprehensive security center
    • Sports park for residents
    • Ambulance service
    • Pacifico Life Center
    • Shops and services
    Offices - Benefits


    • Activities with incentives
    • Tax, labor and immigration benefits protected by law
    • 24/7 security
    • Class A infrastructure and services
    • Customs on site 24/7
    • One-stop Shop System
    • Qualified talent and on-site training