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Work-From-Home lessons to bring to the office

The pandemic has left us many lessons, and the professional aspect was no exception. Many people had the opportunity to work from home in their companies. What lessons do we take from this?

That meeting should have been an email.

The ease of scheduling meetings in an office environment made employees gather many times. While these dynamics could be very productive, we finally learned to optimize our times. In addition, now we can all understand what it means for a person whose work has always been in Home-Office mode to have to leave their workplace and travel to the office for a meeting that could have been a message.

You need technology!

Many were not trained to use the technologies to their advantage and to optimize processes remotely. While, for the most part, these are basic requirements for many companies, the reality is that apps and platforms outperformed some staff elements in one way or another. We have to look for innovation naturally. 

Elevate your expectations. 

Many of us learned while working at home that there was a lot of time lost in our day-to-day work in the office. The existence of these dead times is not the conflict, but the conflict is the relationship that this can have with your productivity. Setting higher and better expectations, as well as goals for each day will help you (and anyone!) obtain better results.

Know your limits! 

While working at home, many people got lost in the limits of the availability and work hours for themselves and their colleagues. From working very early in the morning until late at night. The restricted times of an office job limits these interactions, for it is important to remember that rest is necessary if you really want to be productive.

Reinforce your communication and goals.

For many teams, supervision went beyond delivering results. Because in an office context, supervision allows to measure the work of the people. But while working from home, work can be measured by means of deliverables, in a more efficient way. Opting for these dynamics can improve worker satisfaction.

Fortunately, gradually we are returning to the offices. But that does not mean that we should return to the same practices. On the contrary! We must learn from the excellent work routines we find at home to ensure that every minute in the office is more valuable.

If you don’t have any offices in Panama yet, look at what we have to offer! All our offices are flexible and can adapt to both your needs and the safety protocols needed in this new normality. 

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