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This is the ideal political and economic climate for your business

What conditions allow a business to be prosperous in any situation? There are a number of factors that impact the development of your company, especially in the country where it establishes its operations. Here we will tell you about the political and economic climate that you should look for for your company.

Solid financial sector

First of all, you must ensure that your company enters a solid financial system. A place where banks, insurers, credit systems and investment mechanisms are completely safe and have great reputation. Having a solid financial system allows your company to grow through leverage if necessary, and allows you to create strategic alliances that provide best practices or benefits to you and your employees.

Strong rule of law

What do we mean by a strong rule of law? A political and legislative system that does not have fluctuations or strong impacts from third parties and enforces the law. There are few countries where the political climate is not a matter of great concern. However, in these places prosperity is a great standard of their nation, such is the case of countries like Switzerland or Canada.

Tax conditions

Perhaps one of the most important factors in starting a business is tax conditions. A heavy tax burden or a poorly managed tax system can bankrupt any business. In countries like Panama, there are territorial tax systems, which allow companies whose income comes from an external site to be exempt from certain tax burdens.

These factors, added to a stable political landscape for many years in a row and one of the best banking systems in Latin America with a dollarized economy, positions Panama as an international business hub. These attractions have brought more and more companies year after year to settle in this paradisiacal country in Central America.

And if we add to this the incredible benefits that the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area grants to the +300 national and multinational companies that have decided to establish operations in the project, then the decision has been made. Get to know us and be part of our business community!


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