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Redesigning the post-COVID workplace

Office design has been a hot topic for the past couple of months. The new normal has given us a lot of hints about how we must design our new working environment. What are some of the approaches that best guarantee a good workplace in the post-covid era?

Spatial coordination

The first and foremost design rule is spatial coordination. Meaning that desks, sofas, and most stationary elements of any office would be within a 2 meter radius between each person. As well, exploring oval and wider meeting rooms as opposed to rectangular and narrow spaces can help enforce social distancing. 

On the other hand, circulation is a big area of opportunity. One way circulation through the office space can be a major improvement for avoiding close encounters.

Personal work space

There are different approaches to maintaining a safe personal work space. However, one that is gaining traction by big furniture companies is the comeback of the partition. This concept is not new in office layout design, but its application has been diluted over the past few decades as open shared desks became the norm; given the fact that it created the sensation of a wider working space and was overall cheaper. 

Another good approach is promoting the use of disposable mats. This way you have a brand new surface to work on everytime you go to the office. 

Work from home

Goes without saying that home office has served tons to keep companies afloat during these times. This practice has proved that a lot of office work can be done without a problem directly from home. What this means is that coming to the workplace everyday does not have to be an absolute necessity, therefore more space is liberated in order to enforce the practices mentioned above. 

Coming back to your regular workplace will not be easy, however, design must be used against fear, instead of promoting it. Make sure your new normal makes everyday experience a good one through the spaces you inhabit. 

You still don’t have an office? Don’t worry! At Panama Pacifico the best spaces can be found within our International Business Park. Discover your favorite and adapt them to your new needs! 


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