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3 benefits of having a bikeway in your community

Multimodal mobility is the future of big cities. Having different means of transport coexisting in the same public space generates great communities. But what benefits does this type of mobility bring, specifically?

Better public spaces

Decreasing the use of the car and replacing it with the bicycle allows life to pass on another speed. Kids can play in the streets and people can be transported without any risk; therefore, many can live in public spaces in a better way. It also reduces car noises and contamination, as well as improves the mobility in the zone a lot better because it’s an equitative method of transport, accessible for all ages and all social groups.

Decrease car use and replace it with bicycles so life can pass on another speed.

Helps local economy

Many studies have proven that cyclists consume more in local shops than car users. That happens because when he or she drives, there are two factors that reduce consumption: speed and parking. When going too fast, it’s more difficult to notice the existence of some business or services, and not having a parking lot big enough near the shops makes people in cars unable to stop and buy there. These situations don’t happen with cyclists, because their moderate speed allows them to perceive in a better way all the spaces around them, and make it easier to stop in any place.

Many studies have proven that cyclists consume more in local shops.

Government benefitsThe use of the bicycle is a great physical activity: it improves the quality of life and reduces the hospital incidence because of health problems related with the weight. It also decreases to a large degree the road accidents. Cyclist mobility has been winning traction in the most important and attractive cities around the world. Is your city or your community among them?

Using a bicycle improves health and quality of life.                   

Now you know all the benefits that using a bicycle can bring to your life. You want to still use your car? Or maybe it’s time for a change? In Panama Pacifico we have one of the best bikeways that a community can wish, giving our people a healthy and active way of life. Come and visit us! 

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