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6 signs you have a great work environment

The list of things that define a good work environment can be very different depending on the perspective of each person. However, there are certain aspects that indicate, about any industry or business, that you are working in one.

Positive values

A work environment where goals are set in an ethical, responsible manner and with a sense of improvement at all levels.

Productive but relaxed

A workplace where achievements and achieved goals are recognized rather than the idealization of work, thus encouraging productivity, creativity and communication in their teams.

Honest and open communication

Everyone communicates in a completely transparent way, always putting all the cards on the table.

With a sense of humor

Keeping your feet on the ground promotes relaxed communication without offending anyone.


There is the option to adapt to different changes in all aspects, from work dynamics to technological inclusion.


There is a reward system based on results. Recognitions of all kinds, from mentions in front of the team to bonuses or diplomas.

All these signs are some of the indicators that provide a clearer perspective of what a healthy work environment looks like. It is not only the responsibility of the company, but of all those who work in it.

Do you consider that your company has a good work environment? At Panama Pacifico we have the ideal space to establish your operations, that is also surrounded by nature to contribute to the good health of your employees. This, along with the rest of our benefits, have made more than 300 national and international companies choose us.

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