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rest during work

Work and rest hours as a need, not an option

Humans, in general, need to take breaks to perform their daily activities in the best way. And work is no exception. The breaks within the working day are a way to regain strength to continue with the responsibilities. They are moments of relaxation and inspiration, eliminating pressures.

One study has surprising findings about the benefits of employee rest. Researchers Dr. Emily Hunter and Dr. Cindy Wu, professors at Baylor University, surveyed 95 employees aged 22 to 67 during a 5-day work week. They were asked to document each break taken, with an average of 2 per day. Below, the results found:

  • The best time to take a break is mid-morning.
  • The best breaks incorporate activities that each employee prefers.
  • People who rest experience better health and greater job satisfaction.
  • Long breaks are good, but it brings more benefits to take more frequent short breaks during the workday.
  • People who rest claim to arrive with a clearer idea of ​​what they must do.

Many people believe that working continuously favors concentration, but the reality is totally contrary. Having time to clear your mind helps you get back to work with more energy and a better attitude. Not taking that time can affect the well-being of the personal life, in addition to work. That is why the mealtime, an important time to rest during the day, must be respected to combat the mental saturation obtained after hours of work; but it is also necessary to promote short breaks throughout the day.

“Unlike a mobile phone, where popular wisdom tells us that we must use up the charge 100% before recharging it, people in their workplace have to pause more frequently during the day,” said Hunter.

Panama Pacifico is a commercial community whose main objective is to promote the development of its members. That is why even the subject of breaks is planned in the design of the spaces. One of the corporate solutions we offer companies is to have outdoor recreational spaces so that employees can refresh their minds before returning to work. Likewise, we have within our master plan a Town Center with banks, restaurants, shops and other services that allow the realization of personal activities quickly and safely.

Learn more about our corporate solutions and decide to be part of our community!

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