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Sustainable mobility

Why move sustainably to go to work?

Every day the need to take care of the environment increases, forcing us to try to take daily actions to minimize our impact on the planet. And one of the most important involves mobility.

The use of the automobile by most of the population is one of the main factors of global warming, as they emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. That is why displacements that generate minimal environmental and territorial impacts have been promoted, without sacrificing comfort, of course.

Among the main modes of sustainable mobility are the use of public transport, walking and the bicycle, above all. And the benefits they have are not only reflected in the environment, but in the community and in the personal life of those who use them.

For example, using shared transport avoids congestion, which allows the reduction of travel time and the number of moving vehicles. This is very common in Panama Pacifico and it raises the quality of urban life and collective well-being, as well as the creation of comfortable public spaces that favor citizen coexistence.

On the other hand, when traveling on foot or by bicycle, a sedentary lifestyle is fought and with it come endless health benefits. First, stress levels are reduced by endorphins released from exercise. Second, overweight and obesity are avoided, muscles are strengthened and joints benefit. And just to mention some advantages!

In Panama Pacifico we always think that connectivity is essential. Therefore, the project encompasses a model of connections within the area and with other urban areas: a broad and innovative sustainable mobility system that improves the quality of life of the community, where it is possible to walk on foot, by bicycle, bus and Subway in the future.

This internal mobility program includes the bike path, parks and interconnected trails called Greenways, designed for walking and pedaling, which maintain the connection with nature. It also involves internal and external routes of public and private transport. With Panama Pacifico your quality of life will be improved! 

These are the main industries that benefit by establishing their operations at Panama Pacifico. Do you operate in one of these sectors? Contact us and discover the whole incentives your company will enjoy! 

Panama offers the best connectivity in Latin America

The air connectivity of Tocumen Airport in Panama City offers the largest number of direct international flights in Latin America, which makes Panama the perfect center for the service of America and other continents.

Discover the benefits that the Special Economic Area of Panama Pacifico has for your company.

Panama Pacifico is an extremely friendly project for sustainable mobility. Discover the benefits of moving to work on public transport, by bike or on foot.

For more information, contact us via email to [email protected]

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