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Office building 3855 with LEED certification

Why develop environmentally friendly buildings?

We know the importance and concern that high pollution and waste discarded into the environment is currently causing. We also know that it is in our hands to neutralize this impact. Therefore, in the business field, many of us should be dedicated of building responsible buildings, since 40% of energy consumption worldwide occurs in these enclosures.*

Responding to these needs, Panamá Pacífico has entered into the construction of green buildings, with established and proven characteristics that help reduce the environmental impact on the planet. But before delving into the specific characteristics of these buildings, it is important to mention that there is a financial benefit. Although the construction and maintenance of a building can cost more than a regular one, saving energy, water and resource use is more economical in the long term.

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LEED characteristics

The certification of these projects is based on a scoring system, which covers different criteria whose purpose is to promote new efficient and healthier processes for humans and ecology. Also to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact, which includes producing less CO2 in the operation of buildings.

The first criteria are the efficiency of electrical energy within the building through different resources, such as materials that help regulate the temperature of the building, optimized electrical systems, use of natural light, among others. On the other hand, water use is also considered. For this, the drainage and water reuse systems are evaluated to verify the saving of drinking water and the lower generation of wastewater. Finally, it is also very important that the materials used to build it are environmentally friendly and that their design take advantage of each renewable resource.

In Panamá Pacífico we are committed to continue developing this type of solutions. An example of how we have done it is our 3855 building, which already has this certification. So if your company shares our environmental philosophy, we invite you to request information and discover all the incentives that Panamá Pacífico can offer you. There are so many!

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International Energy Agency

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