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Why choose Panama for your operations in Latin America?

When a company seeks to grow, there is a need to establish geographic expansion; that is, establish your products or services in new markets. However, it is sometimes difficult to find places that are not only attractive for investment, but that guarantee your operation will allow your growth.

So what makes Panama an attractive investment center internationally? Here we tell you everything!

Dollarized economy

One of the greatest advantages of the Panamanian economy is that its national currency is directly tied to the dollar. This makes it possible to establish a whole range of financial operations within the same currency. In addition, it helps to maintain values ​​among foreign investments, which attracts capital and economic spills to the country.

Strategic location

Panama has a strategic and very distinctive position worldwide. Located in the center of the American continent with the infrastructure that few countries in the region have, it has an incomparable geographical advantage. In addition to this, with the expansion of its most important airport, any connection to any part of the world becomes accessible, making this country an air traffic hub for all of America.

Political and economic stability

Thanks to the dollarized economy and a political climate that has remained stable for many years, foreign investment has increased in the country without interruption. This, because the system boasts of correctly exercising the law. This guarantees the interests of all the actors involved in the economic and social growth of the country.

Panama has become in recent years one of the most important headquarters for companies worldwide in the American continent. Are you ready to expand your operations? Contact us and find out the incentives we offer to companies like yours!

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