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Why choose Latin America?

Latin America is a market that has grown at impressive scales as an attractive destination for investors who want to expand worldwide. It is the ideal place to take your business to the next level, as it has lots of commercial opportunities. And some even dare to say that the region could lead the world economic recovery. Find out why in this blog!

Cultural wealth
Latin America is made up of 20 countries: 19 Spanish-speaking and 1 whose official language is Portuguese. And its more than 600 million residents, despite being united by language, are a “multi-organism” of cultural complexities and differences. This will allow you to have access to a wide variety of passionate consumers, with different experiences, tastes and interests.

Political stability
This region, unlike Europe, has good macroeconomic policies and new trade agreements that have allowed and will continue to allow sustained economic growth and the arrival of foreign investments.

Diverse industries
All the countries that make up Latin America are determined to be involved in the global market, and therefore the organizations of different sectors have internationalized their strategies. In addition, investors from around the world settle in Latin America relatively easily, as there are limited capital controls.

Multimodal platform
Latin America has an internationally competitive multimodal platform. It has 8 Latin American ports that are among the best in the world. And 2 of them are in Panama, which makes it the multimodal logistics center of the Americas.

And why Panama Pacifico?
Panama Pacífico is the ideal option for its innovative, collaborative and safe ecosystem for all types of operations; from administrative functions, headquarters and data centers to storage, distribution and assembly.

First, because Panama City is positioned within the first 5 cities in Latin America to do business. Its dollarized and growing economy, as well as its privileged time zone, allows greater ease to globalize. In addition, it has experienced talent with high development capacity and extensive telecommunications infrastructure.

Second, because it is close to the Panama Canal and minutes from the Port of Rodman and Balboa, airports, and the Pan-American Highway that connects the entire continent.

And finally, the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, over the years, has become a leading global competitiveness hub for multinational companies seeking competitive incentives in an open, positive and dynamic community based on clustering.

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