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Which industries will grow the most after the pandemic?

Due to the pandemic, a large list of industries has shrunk, however there are new expanding markets. Which industries are expecting growth?


Due to the pandemic, e-commerce grew at levels never seen before. The reduction of retail stores and the increase in ease and logistics, online shopping gained enormous traction, and with this, the need for infrastructure to support it.

Virtual reality

Added to this growth of e-commerce, there are many derivative services that could increase its demand, such as virtual reality. From real estate tours to trying on clothes, these elements to make sales or create better shopping experiences virtually are on the rise.

Digital supermarkets

Although many supermarket chains already have home delivery, this does not necessarily translate to sales. In addition, the distribution centers for them and the digital platforms that support it have not reached their full potential. And opportunities to improve it have come.

Dark Kitchens

Also known as “Ghost Kitchens,” these restaurant industry business models seek to expand existing or developing restaurant operations. The concept revolves around a commercial premises where there is no space for diners, only for the preparation and distribution of food.


Distance education has taken a huge boom. This growing industry not only allows new platforms to emerge to provide educational services, it also creates spaces for people to share their knowledge. Anyone with great experience in a niche can educate someone else.

Use these trends in the markets to expand your business. It is very important that if you are going to join this trend, you will establish yourself in a market ready to proliferate, such as Panama. Also, remember that in Panama Pacifico we have an incomparable commercial community, as well as exclusive benefits for these incentivized activities, which will help you develop these new services, mostly technological.

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