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Panama Pacifico Commercial Community

Benefits of a Business Community

When you talk about community, you think of a group of people who share interests, objectives, constitutions and other characteristics that they may have in common. This union allows members to constantly evolve in order to improve their lifestyle. And although it usually refers to social and cultural groups, it can also refer to a group with commercial interests. And the Panama Pacifico Master Plan is precisely aligned with it!

Its commercial community consists on the constant development of talent and the clients that are in the project. The efforts made on site to encourage economic and social development, inspired by integral and sustainable urbanism, have awarded it the prize as the Best Free Zone of the Americas, to mention one.

This recognition of Panama Pacifico is because it is a unique platform of opportunities for creativity, growth and well-being of all those who compose it: people, companies and institutions. And how do we do it?

  • Working together with universities and academic institutions in the area to allow the development of formal education.
  • Having on-site training alliances for the workforce.
  • Implementing sustainable buildings that allow internal spaces to be healthy and innovative, that generate satisfaction for the collaborator.
  • Developing products according to customer needs.
  • Including environmentally friendly initiatives that reduce energy costs to all customers.
  • Having a public-private alliance to integrate the operation of 17 government entities in a single window that facilitates user procedures.
  • Allowing the connection with the rest of the world, thanks to its ports, airports and roads.
  • Providing amenities and recreational spaces to employees so they have everything they need a few steps from their work.

These characteristics of the project are just some of the many that allow Panama Pacifico to be a commercial community, whose efforts make it one of the best and largest in the world. The benefits that are listed are many. And today there are already more than 280 companies who decided to be part of this unprecedented project.

You can make the decision to be part of this commercial community today! No matter the industry of your company and its needs, Panama Pacifico offers an exceptional environment that adapts to all types of processes and operations.

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