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panama logistics infrastructure

This is Panama’s main logistics infrastructure

For over a century, Panama has managed to maintain itself as an important point of transit and international trade. This is due to a set of logistics components that have functioned organically in a high-level coordinated system. It includes ports, airports, Special Economic Zones and a telecommunications interconnection network, perfect for the operation of companies.

The 2018-2019 Competitiveness Report made by the World Economic Forum places Panama as a leading country in the region’s logistics infrastructure. And this has allowed it to attract lots of multinational companies. Here are the main connection systems used to support the logistics activities of Panama.

Land infrastructure

Panama has the first place in the Americas and the Caribbean in terms of quality of rail transport infrastructure. The road infrastructure is constituted by the Pan-American Highway, the Northern and Southern Corridor of Panama, Colon and the cross roads that connect the main urban areas. In total, it consists of approximately 15,800 km.

In addition, it has 3 main roads in progress:

  1. The Pan American Highway expansion
  2. The extension of Omar Torrijos
  3. The third and fourth bridge over the Panama Canal and their respective accesses

These benefit not only the transportation of the Panama City residents, but also in reducing the costs of transportation of goods. These connections make it possible to maintain and even increase Panamanian exports by land, which keeps the country as an important point of transit and international trade.

Air infrastructure

Panama also has the first place in the Americas and the Caribbean in terms of air transport infrastructure quality, because it is one of the most advanced and has 6 main airports. Due to its geographical location, Tocumen International Airport has become an important “Connection Hub” with North and South America.

Others that stand out are the Enrique Adolfo Jiménez International Airport, located in Colon, and our Panama Pacifico International Airport.

Port infrastructure

The Panama Canal and its expansion has been the key to the development of the Panama maritime port hub, as it unites it competitively to all the markets in the world.

The country has a network of ports that provide a wide variety of services for the loading of containers, bulk, liquid and general. The main ones over the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are:

  • Port of Balboa – Terminal #1 of transhipment in LATAM, 7 km from Panama Pacifico
  • Port of Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), 19 km from Panama Pacifico
  • PSA Panama International Terminal, 5 km from Panama Pacifico
  • Cristobal-Panama Ports Company (PPC), 80 km from Panama Pacifico
  • Colon Container Terminal (CCT), 80 km from Panama Pacifico
  • Colon Port Terminal (CPT), 80 km from Panama Pacifico

With all this infrastructure, Panama has managed to consolidate itself as the Hub of the Americas, being the main driver of commerce and connection in the region. And the location of Panama Pacifico allows convenient access to these modern logistics facilities.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this infrastructure for your operations, do not hesitate to contact us. You can still be part of this commercial community!



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