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Live and work at Panama Pacifico

The value of living where you work

Sometimes the stress of working does not consist of the day-to-day activities themselves, but in everything that implies getting to do them. Of course, we are mainly talking about the long distances and the traffic of a big city, like Panama.

If, on average, a normal person takes 2 hours a day (round trip) to get to work, it may seem a small amount of time at first. But when converting to 10 hours per week and 40 per month, they become almost two days lost. That is why many now aspire to live near their work. And this greatly benefits their quality of life and their family’s.

First, saving time allows employees to have free time for any other activity, such as exercise, reading or simple family life. This gives them peace of mind, because they also know that they will arrive on time even if they take their time; and they can still enjoy the rest of the day, which helps them get to work with a better attitude.

On the other hand, they can also save money by reducing their fuel consumption during the week, as they can use public transport or even walk, something very common that is seen daily in Panama Pacifico. In addition, they also save on food if their home is close, as they can go eat to their houses, making sure they have better food and rest for a while before returning to the workday.

When changing the frustration, fatigue and bad mood of moving to work for other positive activities, people become more efficient and motivated to do their job in the best way. So, it is something that benefits the employee, but also the company he or she works for.

Panama Pacifico offers you to be part of a large community surrounded by a natural environment. Within the project you will find 8 residential options with incredible diversity. In addition, it will have a Town Center that will include 4 schools and 2 universities, as well as the largest banks in Panama, restaurants, convenience stores, luxurious hotels and many other services. And, as if that were not enough, all residents have access to large recreational green areas, such as parks, sports parks and trails.

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