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The etiquette rules of a COVID-19 world

We had firm handshakes, kisses on the cheeks, clinks of glasses… while they are still amazing, our manners will need to evolve due to the new pandemic. And perhaps it will not be forever, but you sure want to be ready to make the best impression even in the most uncertain times. Who know? Maybe these etiquette changes are good!

Handshakes and greetings

Few people are likely to be shaking hands when staying 6 feet apart, don’t you think? And perhaps even an elbow bump won’t be usual in the work environment. However, some suggest two new contactless greetings:

  1. Clasping both hands together and putting them over your heart when approaching someone.
  2. Standing still, dropping your hands behind your back, then nodding to say hello.

Invitations, events and reservations

As many large-scale gatherings have been cancelled, the rules around declining have become more flexible. Be sure to announce it with time and send a gift if it applies. Also, prepare sme stock phrases in mind if you do go out, in order to argument your social distance.

Masks in public

Health officials are advising everyone to wear a mask while out in public, so fashionable face coverings will become a thing very soon. It wouldn’t be the first fashion norm that was shaped after public health concerns. However, some new gestures will become more popular, like a thumbs up or a mock salute instead of a smile.

So, yes, manners are about to take an interesting turn. Do you have any extra ideas on how they will change in a business community such as the one in Panama Pacifico? 


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