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Mobility connection Panama transport

Panama Pacifico a model of mobility and connection

Panama is known as the Logistics Hub of the Americas and for good reason. Thanks to our geographical location, we become a key point of transportation of goods in the world, which has led us to win second place in Latin America and the Caribbean in the logistic performance index by the World Bank in 2018, with a score of 3.28 out of 5 *.

But having a privileged location has only been the beginning of the story. Over time, we have made great efforts to make the most of our location in the world, creating channels and mobility routes to receive and export all products that arrive and leave Latin America and the Caribbean.

That is why Panama is the ideal space for your company in America. By establishing or having presence in our country, specifically in Panama Pacifico, you will be able to enjoy many benefits of labor, customs, immigration and tax incentives that we have developed as a result of the demand for exports and imports that we receive.

Maritime Connections

You can find that Panama Pacifico is strategically located near the most important ports in Latin America: Port of Balboa and Roman just 5 minutes from here, and 59 km from Colón. 

Earth Connections

Also, in a matter of roads, we have worked hard to provide companies with the best quality. In 2018 we were the fifth country with the best infrastructure in Latin America according to the study of the World Economic Forum **, and that same year the country invested $7,000 million, equivalent to 7% of GDP ***.

Immediately, very close to Panama Pacifico you can find the Pan-American Highway that connects with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Which makes the project the best place to reach the Central American region.

Aerial Connections

Panama has the 7th place in air transport infrastructure in the world. Panama Airport has just been expanded and went from receiving 15 million passengers per year to 25 million passengers in the next 10 ***. And if that isn’t enough, Panama Pacifico has its own airport.

All these advantages of connectivity and mobility greatly benefit all those businesses and companies that are dedicated to logistics. If you are interested in knowing more about the advantages that Panama Pacifico offers you, contact us at [email protected].

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