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How to stay motivated while working on quarantine

Remaining in a coronavirus confinement stage can make it difficult for us to stay motivated to work, if you continue to do it from home. Even if your job was home office since before the pandemic, being locked up for weeks at a time can affect your productivity and motivation. 

Fortunately, we can make some adjustments in our lives to stay productive and remind ourselves that this will soon pass.

1. Change your routine
Give a twist to your daily routine and you’ll see that you’ll feel much better. The options may seem limited when you’re at home, but with a little creativity you can have variety in your life. Break the monotony. You can set reminders to take breaks, take deep breaths, send a message to a loved one, drink water, meditate… 

2. Keep control of your money
We know that our financial situation may be uncertain. You’re not the only one who feels that way. Try to spend only what is necessary for your life, save and create a budget for future scenarios. 

3. Organize your life
Being at home all day gives us the opportunity to clean up, especially our work space. You can take advantage of this to rearrange your furniture, take out clothes you no longer use or remodel your home.

4. Define your goals
To stay on track on this quarantine, make a clear list of what you need to accomplish each day, and consider adding some long-term goals you haven’t addressed yet: Starting in on a project you’ve been putting off can boost your momentum and amplify your motivation.

5. Talk to your loved ones
We know you are dying to see them, but fortunately we have several tools by which we can stay in communication. You can talk even with your co workers. Many companies are even encouraging their employees to stay in touch socially, both to boost morale and encourage mental health.

Try not to get overwhelmed, remember that very soon we will be able to take back our ruins and return to our jobs in a normal way.

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