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How to Organize Computer Files at Work

Keeping your documents organized can be a long duty. In addition to storing documents on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, a lot of businesses are using the cloud for larger file storage.

Wherever are the documents you have to store, it is important to keep them organized and updated. The goal of electronic file management is to ensure that you can find what you’re looking for, even if you’re looking for it years after its creation.

These file management tips will help you keep your files accessible:

  1. Create Folders in a logical order

Use plain language to name your folders. You don’t want to be looking at this list of folders in the future and don’t remembering the meaning of the name. We recommend you to use very self explanatory terms, as: “Panama_Pacifico_Law_41_Presentation”

  1. Follow Naming Conventions

Use the underscores as a delimiter (e.g. Panama_Pacifico_Schedule.doc.) Other characters such as / ? < > \ : * | ” ^ are also prohibited in file or folder names under Windows.

  1. File as You Go

The best time to file a document is when you create it. So get in the habit of saving your document as well as name it, putting it in the right place as soon as you create it.

  1. Clean Your Files Regularly

Keep your folders uncluttered by clearing out the old files. If you have files that are not useful or you have a new updated one, make sure you only keep the newest versions of each document to avoid confusion.

  1. Backup Your Files 

Whether you’re copying your files onto another drive or the cloud, it’s important to set up and follow a regular back up regimen. We suggest you to do it once a month. 

Managing electronic documents should be part of an overall document management strategy for your business. A proper document management plan should include all aspects of handling documents, including storage, retrieval, backups, and security.

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