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How to motivate my teamwork?

It’s more than proven that motivated employees are much more productive than those who lack the motivation that gets them to give that extra effort at work. A motivated employee is capable of taking better advantage of the work hours and the resources that the company gives to them to finish the goals with higher effectiveness. And here, we tell you the most important points to have a highly motivated teamwork, ready to achieve the company’s goals.

Good work environment

Employees must be more than just coworkers. There must exist a relationship beyond the office between them. It’s very important doing activities that strengthen ties between the team, both inside and outside the workspace. An employee feeling satisfied with his partners and the environment around him is much more involved in the company’s projects and will be much more motivated to keep moving forward.

Encourage them

A very important part of the motivation at work are the incentives, and we are not talking exclusively about monetary benefits (although they’re also good). When we talk about incentives, we refer to recognizing the employee when he does a good job. To let him know that you recognize his labour and his sacrifice to achieve the common objectives. Very few things can motivate more than knowing that your superiors are proud of you.


A good leader always has to be open to dialogue with his team members. If it’s intended to complete the objectives, there shouldn’t be space for doubts and uncertainty. It’s very important to always be ready to solve any doubt that any member of your team has, so everybody can be in the same direction. If your employees don’t feel the confidence to get close to you to solve a doubt, that’s a big problem.


The less rigid you are in terms of schedule, the higher motivation the members of your team will have. Understand that, in any moment, urgent matters may arise. Offer them schedule flexibility to attend situations of their personal lives, giving them the chance to recover the hours in any other moment. Give them flexibility to attend to some familiar matter or any other issue. An employee feeling understood and supported by their superiors, not only during job hours, but also outside is a highly motivated employee. 


The facilities you offer to your team are also vital to keep them motivated. And we are sure that here in Panama Pacifico your collaborators have the best offices, warehouses, recreational areas, restaurants and more at their service to keep the morale high and the productivity on the right way.


Source: Forbes

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