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Managing a distributed team during a coronavirus pandemic

A lot of employees are adapting to a new way of work since Coronavirus pandemic arrived. As part of an effort to protect against the spread of the virus, many businesses allowed a remote work policy for all the employees.

Harvard University instructor Julie Wilson explains, “Managing a virtual team requires managers to double down on the fundamentals of good management, including establishing clear goals, running great meetings, communicating clearly and leveraging team members’ individual and collective strengths.” 

We know that managing a team, even while being in the same office, can be challenging. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice, but with the right processes, it is possible to have an organized team even when when everyone is at home. These tips will help you to keep a productive and committed team.

  1. Have clear expectations

It is essential that as the team leader you give the correct instructions to communicate the development of clear guidelines and expectations for Home Office. It is possible that some employees may have previous remote work experience, while other employees may be entirely new work from home. To ensure that everyone operates on the same level, it is important that you set clear and realistic expectations and goals for your entire team. Even the most obvious things about working from home guidelines should be clear to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. Use the right tools

After you’ve defined your team’s expectations, it’s time to find the right tools that will help your team meet and make your workdays run smoothly. Choose a chat application that allows you to take calls and video calls. It will also help to have a tool where everyone can see their tasks and where they can be assigned new ones.

  1. Always communicate goals to help employees succeed

The shift in where and how the work is done will be extra challenging for some employees.

For those who find remote working arrangements to be complicated, communicating frequently individual goals and tasks is an effective way to ensure they are focused on the right things. 

Leading a completely remote team can be tricky, especially in the current environment of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. But we assure you that using the right communication tools you can create an attractive and productive environment that exceeds expectations.

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