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How to improve your productivity at work

In today’s job market, taking the maximum advantage of your work hours is essential to improve your performance. However, sometimes we feel like we’re not taking total advantage of our time there, does that happen to you? Well, here are some keys to improve your and the rest of your team’s productivity at work.

Get up earlier

Being one of the first employees that arrives at the workspace allows you to start your working day before anyone else and without many distractions. If some of your team’s members have troubles delivering their assignments in time, they should pay attention to this point. We know it’s easy to say, but once you make this a habit you’ll notice the instant improvement in your work.

Make a work schedule
Spend a few minutes at the beginning of your work day to make a schedule, where you organize all the activities from the most important to the least. Don’t consider this a waste of your time; day after day of planning your activities will help you to be more productive in an evident way. 


Work the priorities first

Once you planned your work day in order of relevance, now it’s time to do the most important, harder or urgent tasks first, as you consider priority. At the beginning of the day your concentration and energy are higher, because of that, the most essential tasks will be the first to perform.

One topic at a time

Attending one topic at a time is the best way to accomplish the goals you describe in your work schedule in the most efficient and faster way. You just need to concentrate on doing one task at a time, in order of relevance and you’ll notice the improvement of your work time and the productivity of your work group.

Take some rest

Your body and mind needs some time off between tasks to regain energy. You’re not a machine, your body and mind get tired and need breaks to regain momentum. So, don’t be afraid of taking some rest, but don’t abuse or you’ll lose all of the workflow you won.

Put your workplace in order

It’s impossible for you and your team to be efficient if your workplace is a complete mess. Does it happen that you waste several minutes searching for a document, a pencil, your cellphone, or your headphones? Having a workplace in order allows you to improve your productivity in a remarkable way by not having to spend time searching for your work tools.

In Panama Pacifico we have the best conditions to make you and your teamwork increase their productivity and achieve all of your goals. The best facilities, privileged location and last generation technology. Don’t know us yet? Visit us and convince yourself!

Source: Entrepreneur


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