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How to create a workspace that motivates you

A work space should have elements that make us feel in harmony. How many hours a day do you spend in it? We spend a lot of time in our offices, so it is very important to condition them properly so as not to affect our productivity. Here we share some tips that may be useful to achieve it. Feel free to customize it by using your creativity!

  1. Light is very important

When we talk about a comfortable office, one of the most important details to take into account is the light we have available. Choose a space that has good natural light. If you don’t have one, make sure you have good artificial lighting using white lights that you can regulate the intensity with which they shine.

  1. A proper desk and a chair

Standing desks may not work for small spaces, and ergonomic chairs can be pricey, but back problems can also come with a pretty big price tag — from making you less productive to actually requiring medical treatment. Invest in whatever is going to keep your posture healthy and ward off the aches and pains. 

  1. Plants, windows and details

Staying in touch with coworkers and clients is a given. But what about staying in touch with the great outdoors? Sunlight can help inspire you and keep you from feeling isolated, while fresh air keeps you healthy. According to the EPA, indoor air is two to five times more toxic than outdoor air. If you don’t have direct access to a window that opens, keep houseplants in your office to help purify the air.

  1. Choose a color palette

It’s true that white appears to maximize space and make a room feel well lit. It’s also true that deep, saturated colors tend to be overly stimulating. But there are countless shades in between that can help you focus. If you like neutral tones, look into ivory, or dove gray. If vivid colors are more your style, consider going with softer shades for the wall and saving saturated tones for small accent pieces. Let science prevail over personal style when you’re trying to create a space where you can concentrate.

  1. No distractions 

Make sure you choose a space away from distractions. This means that it’s away from annoying noise and allows you to have privacy in case you have to take a call. Choosing a simple location will help you have fewer distracting elements.

How’s your workspace now that you’re home?  

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