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How we helped during the pandemic: Panama Pacifico

The current coronavirus pandemic has required everyone’s collaboration to improve the present situation, so many have found the perfect opportunity to help. Panama Pacifico’s companies are no exception, taking a good advantage of the facilities and multimodal platform at the Special Economic Area.

One good example is Flavor Infusion International, S. A. (FISA), who have not only operated during the pandemic with the measures declared by the state of emergency. They have also taken advantage of their technology to develop sanitizing products to supply more than 15 countries in an easy and safe way.

Another notable example is that of Hino Motors Ltd. and Tambor, S.A., who have joined to deliver to the Ministry of Health more than 1,300 m2 of the Hino Training Center. This center is located in Panama Pacifico and it currently stores supplies and equipment to distribute to the rest of the country.

Hironobu Tsujimoto, General Manager of Hino; Dr. Richard Altieri, CEO of Grupo Corporativo Pérez, SA and Fernando Miranda, General Manager of Tambor, S. A., said that the convenience and advantage of being in Panama Pacifico, with easy access to the airport, makes it a key to give global support during the pandemic.

With these examples we can assure that Panama Pacifico has a commercial community with over 300 multinational and national companies that share an interest in the well-being of citizens, not only in the country but around the world! Furthermore, the benefits and facilities of the Special Economic Area are of value to anyone, regardless of the global context.

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