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Best actions to improve work environment

Any expert in Human Resources will assure you that, regardless of the size of your company, the priority should be to have a good working environment that is pleasant and stimulating for everyone. By having it, the team will become more productive and committed. 

The company Hay Group Insight demonstrated that highly involved workers improve performance up to 30% and exceed their expectations twice as much as other colleagues whose commitment is not at the same level.

A good working environment favors the general objectives and the satisfaction of the clients, while a bad one destroys the environment completely and causes conflicting situations. So, if you want to make sure you have the first one, you need to read these strategies. 
First of all, respect

Although hardly all the members of a company will get along completely well, it is important to promote tolerance, respect and harmony among the staff. You should always avoid sudden and high tone communication.

Search for feedback

This activity must be constant, so give yourself the time and space to listen to your team. This will make each of them feel a like a key piece. In addition, it will help you get ideas to improve the performance in different areas and recognize problems that can slow down the proper functioning at different levels.

Manage crises properly

No matter how difficult the situation is, you should always remain calm and, if possible, optimistic. This is vital for the work environment. Provide the information that is needed, communicate it correctly and show security when handling the problem.

Earn your employee’s confidence

Start with simple details, such as recognizing the people who do their job and succeed in their decisions. This will encourage them to come to you when they have any questions or new ideas. People like to feel valued and they want to believe that their opinions count.

Take care of the workplace

Finally, do not forget comfort! The workspace is one that covers most of the employees’ day, so make sure it is clean, tidy, wide and well distributed. Take care of the lighting and create corners of relaxation.

The offices at Panama Pacifico are designed for the comfort and functionality of everyone who works in the space. Not only do we take care of lighting and ventilation, but we also have large windows to allow the nature of Panama to look like decoration. Contact us and discover them!

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