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Be a leader, not a boss

It is no secret that leadership is a very necessary competence to run a company. This is the tool that is needed to develop any area, because whoever is in charge must be able to influence their team to improve the results positively. But then, what difference does it make being a leader with being a boss? 
First, we need to define. A boss is that person who has authority and power over a group to direct their activities. A leader is the one who heads and directs said group.
A leader is the most profitable option for any company because it generates a relationship of trust with its employees; they are united by the passion of what they do and the desire to exploit their potential. Therefore, it improves productivity and the work environment. Learn the main characteristics that make the word “leader” practically an antonym of the word “boss”.


  • He or she does not order and wait, but rather request and collaborate.

A boss distributes the tasks and orders people to carry them out, supervising if what he asked for is being worked. He treats people, sometimes unconsciously, as if they were tools and even separates them. However, the leader seeks to stimulate, provides the example and works “side by side” with his collaborators. In other words, the main difference between a boss and a leader is that, for the first one, the activities entail a “me” and “you”, while for the second one it is a “we”.


  • He or she does not use people, but helps them grow

Continuing with the previous point, the boss who knows the operation of everything only observes how the employees carry out the activities without participating, using the employees as pawns that move on a chess board to win. Meanwhile, the leader knows how to teach his collaborators; he reveals the secret of success and allows mutual development. So while the boss organizes the production, the leader prepares them to reach their full potential (together).


  • He or she does not inspire fear, but excitement 

A boss infuses terror because he usually threatens and claims mistakes. And although the team looks good when he is close, they criticize him quite hard when he is not. On the other hand, the leader is a source of trust that empowers people by recognizing their good work and effort. A boss who makes one feel fear is common, but one who is of value of people is superior because he always permeates motivation.


  • He or she does not blame the crisis, but solves it 

When there are problems to solve, a boss seeks to find the guilty ones to face or punish them. And he generally shouts to warn the rest of the people. But the leader is much more understandable, because he evaluates the mistakes and calmly redirects the situation. He knows that the priority is to solve the problem among those who can help and learn the lessons from the situation, as he wishes to help whoever has committed it.


  • He or she does not depend on authority, but on goodwill

Finally, one of the main reasons why the leader gains the sympathy of those around him is because he works every day to earn it. And that is appreciated by the collaborators. While the boss feels the need to impose himself, the leader convinces and exemplifies. But most importantly, he listens to others. Thus, everyone is motivated to participate to generate an action plan that leads to an excellent result in the company. And when there are good results and the leader shares it, then the willingness to collaborate increases at all times.

In conclusion, a good leader will be way more than a boss: he or she will be a teacher, a classmate and even a friend if possible. He will motivate others to be like him or even overcome him, and he will collaborate to get the best possible result, without getting on top of anyone.

So what are you? Are you already a leader or are you still a boss?


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