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5 details to make your offices look luxurious

What are the elements that provide the feeling of luxury and exclusivity that you want in your workspace? In this blog, we will talk about the 5 details that impact the most in the interior design of your offices.

1. Materials

For your office to maintain a high-level profile, it must have a palette of materials that harmonizes with the identity of your business. What does this mean? Every company manages a corporate identity, which must also be aligned with the materials in its spaces.

For example, traditional companies tend to opt for sober materials, such as dark woods or stones such as marble. On the other hand, companies with an alternative vision experiment with lighter woods or ceramics.

2. Colors

Once the material palette is defined, the color palette will come in an almost intuitive way. It is important to experiment with shades that share the identity of the company mainly within the details. Making the leap to interior design that is entirely based on company colors can be intimidating. Learn to manage the details and include these elements as necessary.

3. Distribution

The new normal requires new spaces. If your office does not yet have the basic elements for the new reality we are facing, start exploring options and analyzing the interventions used in other spaces. The signage, the circulations and the general distribution is super important right now. In addition, having a buffer area for access control processes, which provides a lot of security for those who come to work and visit your facilities.

4. Furniture

The selection of furniture is a great influence in the perception of space. On one hand, its usefulness is important in most office spaces (as is the case with desks and the type of chairs). However, the number one furniture mistake often happens in waiting rooms. Choose something that goes beyond being attractive and in tune with the identity of the design, but is comfortable. Remember that these spaces are usually the first impression of your business.

5. Accessories

Perhaps what ends up defining a space is a special accessory: a sculpture, a piece of art on a wall or an interior garden. Be very selective about this aspect and take into account the opinion of third parties. These accessories can finish defining the space and give it a complete identity, or be something annoying for others.

And that’s it! If you plan carefully and in advance, the design of your office will avoid distracting your collaborators and, on the contrary, will increase their productivity and motivation when working in these spaces.

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