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3 tips to prevent burnout

Burnout syndrome is characterized for a tired state and demotivation caused by a continuous exposition to strenuous labor practices. More than one has been in this situation, especially after te COVID-19 pandemic.It’s necessary to evaluate individual and collective habits to prevent burnout and build wellness. Here we have some recommendations for you.

Working at home came with a state of constant connection where the working hours are not totally clear. The idea of being available 24/7 is a requirement that prevents employees from having peace and tranquility. Because of that, it’s necessary to disconnect some hours a day and have a pause and time for ourselves.

Write this down: you need to disconnect!

It’s better to say “no” to extra tasks or delegate to someone when having too many responsibilities. The belief that we can deal with all of the work by ourselves puts a lot of weight on our shoulders. If you need to release at least some small part of it, do it.

It’s better to release the work we can’t deal with, before it exhausts us.

New laboral perspectives
As a company, you can make adjustments to prevent fatigue among your employees. Even if each takes actions individually, that would be a medium effort with strong consequences. You need to evaluate your laboral practices and responsibilities for each role.

As a company, you can make adjustments in your processes to prevent fatigue in your employees.

The best part about preventing a burnout is not only the peace you gain for helping your team, but also your satisfaction with yourself and how you are working in general. A good leader knows that there’s more to life than work and problems. Your employees need to understand that too: they need to know that they are free to enjoy simple moments with the people we love. That’s a gift that doesn’t have a price.

What other measures would you add to the list?

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