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lecciones para niños emprendedores

Basic lessons to get your children to think like entrepreneurs

The era of entrepreneurship has arrived and with it, the new generations that will have to join. How to guarantee that your child has an entrepreneurial spirit? Here are 3 lessons that every parent should encourage their children to make sure they are on the right path for their future.

Encourage curiosity

Every entrepreneur is an inquisitive person by nature. How are certain things done? What is needed? Can I do these things? Many questions like these will arise as they develop. It is very important to promote research to answer these questions, since the satisfaction of reaching knowledge can be a defining element in your training.

Boost creativity


In the same way that there should be an incentive to question things, the way to solve or improve them should be encouraged. Creativity is not only restricted to artistic disciplines, but it is a good way to stimulate such reasoning outside the box. There is no successful entrepreneur that does not have an extraordinary degree of creativity in his field.

Accept failure

Accept failure

The main challenge for many entrepreneurs is learning to accept failure, due to the fact that the nature of that process tends to be a determining factor in its success. Learning not to give up, but also knowing how to accept defeat is part of the growth and evolution of any entrepreneur. Establish these habits and make your children understand that failure is not a bad thing, but a part of the process.

Establish these habits and lessons in your children and you will begin to see the formation of a future entrepreneur. Make sure to engage in strong communication and always support their dreams, no matter how crazy they are.

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