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Ask us any question, the answer will always be Panama Pacifico

Believe us, it is not just our love for our own project. But we indeed worked hard to offer you everything! What are you looking for? We’ll tell you where to find it! 

What is the largest mixed use development in the Americas? 

Panama Pacifico, with 1,400 hectares (2,450 acres) of land assets. 

Where can you find an exceptional environment for all types of business operations?

In Panama Pacifico: from administrative functions, business services and data centers to warehousing, distribution and assembly. 

Who is the leading business hub for multinational corporations seeking a competitive position in the Americas?

Panama Pacifico, being home to numerous international companies including Dell, Caterpillar, BASF, Grainger, VF Corp, Pepsico, PriceSmart, and more! 

Where can you find a multitude of attractive incentives exclusively for companies? 

In Panama Pacifico! With support to simplify the regulatory processes in a number of areas, such as visa and work permit procedures, recruitment and talent development, customs, and others! 

Where can you find the best connectivity in Latin America? 

Definitely in Panama, but specifically in Panama Pacifico. We offer air, maritime, ground and telecommunications connectivity.  

Where can you find over 280 companies creating over 10,000 employees and offering even more in different business clusters, such as headquarters and services, logistics, manufacturing, maritime-aviation industry, and retail?

Of course in Panama Pacifico. And our numbers keep growing! 

Who has the ideal location for access to talent?

Panama Pacifico! It is located conveniently at 30 minutes from Panama Center, at 40 minutes from East Panama and at 60 minutes from West Panama. 

Which place helps you bring products to your customers quickly and efficiently, using all modes of transportation?

Panama Pacifico, duh! We are located in close proximity to two of the three largest ports in Latin America, 5 minutes away from the PSA Panama International Terminal, and immediately adjacent to the Pan-American Highway. 

Where can you live in the same place as where you work?

In Panama Pacifico, where we have 5 residential options for purchase or rent, from single-family homes to duplexes and garden apartments. 

What other questions do you have? Email them to! Although you already know what our answer will be.  

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