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We have flexible offices and warehouses that allow you to grow horizontally and vertically according to your business model.

- Headquarters of multinational companies according to the SEM Law
- Office Administration (Back Office)
- Call Center
- Capture, processing, storage, switching, transmission, and retransmission of data and digital information.
- Link of radio, television, audio, video and / or data signals
- Research and development of digital resources and applications for use in internet and intranet networks
- Maintenance, repair and reconditioning of ships
- Services related to the aviation industry and airports.
- Sale of products and services to ships, airplanes and their passengers and crew, bound for ports or airports abroad.
- Logistic and multimodal services
- Import, export and re-export of goods and sale of merchandise not manufactured in the area.
- Manufacture of high value products, components and parts.
- Activities of processing, manufacturing and assembly of products, components and parts, using high-tech processes.
- Film industry according to the incentives of Law 36 of 2007.

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