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    “16 years ago, Dell was one of the pioneers of the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area, becoming a regional center for Dell in Latin America. Panama Pacifico offers an incomparable location, infrastructure and legal benefits that help us provide the best service to our clients” Gustavo Ripoll, Executive Director and General Manager for Latin America. Dell Panama.

    • Dell was established in Panama Pacifico in 2003.
    • It currently has more than 2,300 employees at its headquarters.
    • It has gone from being a Call Center to offering shared operational services.
    • It provides technical support to Dell customers in the Americas and provides internal support service to different Dell business units around the world.
    Its activity combines a shared service center, 13 high-tech manufacturing lines, and global distribution.
    Concentrating its business lines in Panama Pacifico speeds up the distribution of their products, reducing its collection and distribution centers throughout the region, from 22 in 2012 to only 11 in 2017.
    3M´s experience shows how viable it is to produce and distribute “Made in Panama” products. 3M Panama Pacifico is a worthy study case, as it demonstrates how light, high-tech manufacturing is not only viable but also profitable in Panama when combined with the country's logistics capacity.
    From Panama Pacifico, it manages the purchasing of more than 450 million inputs and raw materials for 24 internal manufacturing plants and more than 45 plants in Central America, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru.
    VF Corp. owns renowned brands such as: Kipling, North Face, Timberland, Nautica, Jansport, Vans and many others.
    As a multinational company operating a shared service centerit does not move its cargo through Panama. Rather, it manages its entire regional supply chain, taking advantage of the geographical advantages and communication that Panama offers.
    Flavor Infusion, fromCalifornia, transforms products taking advantage of Panama's connectivity to carry out its high-value manufacturing processes.
    It plans to serve all its customers in Latin America, Asia andEurope from Panama Pacifico.
    FISA exports its products to numerous markets in the Caribbean and Central America, via the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. It imports raw materials via the Pacific from Asia and other markets, manages its inventories and developes products under the strictest quality standards.
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